YOUR mental JUMP

What skydiving teaches about business and life

Skydiving is a peak-performance activity and sport that demands ALL of those who practice it. 

It’s also a team sport and not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. 

And it’s one of these activities that lead you into flow-state or what’s also known as „The Zone“.

Here are the 5 most important takeaways of jumping out of an airplane and free fall that help to excel in business and life. 

  1. BE in the NOW. 
    Be in the moment, arrive in the presence with all that is you, your mind, your body, your heart.
  2. PREPARE your “jump”. 
    Every “jump” is a mission and requires proper technical and primarily mental preparation. This prep work is, what grants relaxed high performance, and immediate activation of technical safety and muscle memory when required.
  3. FOCUS on your target. 
    You want to know where you are going (flying to) and you want to keep it in focus. That spot you focus is going to be the place where you are landing.
  4. Have FUN and passion. 
    Always keep a smile. When it is most difficult, relax - breath - smile.
  5. Know WHAT FOR. 
    It’s definitely a plus having your family waiting for you to arrive back home safely.

It’s rather unrealistic, to do one first jump and master all of the above. Same challenge as in „real life“ - it’s too complex, too many outside factors that require the right level of know how and practice - the proper experience.

These skills need to be developed to a degree so that they are automatized - so in the most difficult situations they kick in as mental muscle memory. Automatically and effortless.


Above mentioned skydiving learnings are only a limited extract of what one can learn for business and life.

Not everybody has the ability or wants to jump out of an airplane and practice this sport regularly. 

That’s one reason why we combined the most impactful lessons with one of the worlds leading personal development program and offer „TheZone @ freemotions“

#TheZone is a six months mindset and mental training, designed for peak performance and goal achieving with ease. Both in corporate and private life.

It is based on a results-driven system with 60 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievements and is pin peaked with exceptional experience of flying.

  • Can anyone get in TheZone: 
    If you can read this - You can. Facilitation is in english or german. Learning material - Videos, Audios and Workbook - is in multiple languages available (eg Spanish, Danish, Italian, German, English, …)
  • How to get in TheZone:
    contact us at [email protected] to apply for a free 1hrs orientation call. We will find a suitable slot and meet via Video-call.
  • Being in TheZone: 
    6months learning period, 24 weekly group facilitation video-calls, on demand 1:1 coach access, daily study of approx. 30mins. 
  • Staying in TheZone: 
    The process and material is designed to work repeatedly. Access is on a lifetime basis. 
  • Skydiving in TheZone: 
    We learn by experience, that’s why we partner with leading drop zones and Skydiving Pros. You’ll experience pin peaked flying experience (TandemJump, Tunnel Flight, Taster course) at defined moments during course duration. 
    Alternatives and packages for active Skydiver are on demand available.    

about the Facilitators: 

Timo, a professional mental coach and passionate Skydiver.

Has been over 20 years in Leadership positions of global cooperations in IT. Discovered Skydiving during a series of life changing events in relationship, job, home at a tandem jump. 

Timo is dedicated to personal development for 20 years, has been certified as NLP Practitioner, Spiritual Mental Coach and Proctor Gallagher consultant and completed the 3Yrs Great Hero´s Journey.

Christina is a professional coach and consultant who has been helping people create the life they want and fulfill their dreams for the past 25 years.
 She loves helping people to discover what they really want, to develop it and to take courageous steps to have a fulfilling, happy, healthy and wealthy life.

Together they are founder and managing partner of „freemotions - coaching and consulting“. They love traveling, are parents of 2 Teenager girls and did travel the world for one year as a family.